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Posted Sep 20, 2019

Best Practices for Small engine

The small engines in your tractors, mowers, and forestry, mulching, and turf equipment require just as much care and regular maintenance as the engines in your larger machines. To help minimize downtime and keep your small engine running at peak performance, follow these best practices. Read More

Posted Sep 11, 2019

Best Practices for Fleet Management Strategies

Properly managing equipment is crucial to maintain your return on investment. A general guideline to follow is replace equipment once maintenances costs exceed 30% of the machine’s resale value. Below are strategies to help keep your fleet productive for as long as possible. Read More

Posted Aug 1, 2019

Best Practices for CTL and Skid Steer Operation

The versatility of skid steer and compact track loaders makes them a staple on almost any jobsite. Follow our best practices to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment by completing work efficiently and safely. Read More

Preventing Theft
Posted Jul 8, 2019

Preventing Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates that up to $1 billion is lost annually to heavy equipment theft. Costs incurred because of theft include equipment replacement, short term rentals, lost time dealing with law enforcement and insurance adjusters, increased labor expenses due to downtime, and penalties that can occur if a project is delayed. Read More

Best Practices for Track Tension
Posted May 28, 2019

Best Practices for Track Tension

Adjusting Tension Improper tension Loose tracks can detrack. Over-tightening can cause power loss, excessive roller and idler wear, and could tear the tracks. Refer to your operator’s manual for track inspection and tensioning procedures. Read More

Best Practices for Fuel Usage
Posted May 21, 2019

Best Practices for Fuel Usage

When using heavy machinery, certain practices can help reduce overall fuel consumption and costs. The following tips may help you save hundreds of dollars each year. Read More

Tips for Maintaining Engine Cooling Systems
Posted May 16, 2019

Tips for Maintaining Engine Cooling Systems

An engine's cooling system helps prevent overheating, and a lack of proper maintenance on that system can cause your engine to work harder than necessary. As a result, your machine will not operate as efficiently, and internal components could become damaged. Read More