Harper Turf machine

Taking the Danger And Difficulty Out of Mowing Slopes 


In 1986, Deweze founder and relentless tinkerer Dewey Hostetler imaged a mower that took the danger and difficulty out of mowing slopes.

Dewey Hostetler's vision was realized in the All-Terrain Mower, produced by DewEze. Harper Turf has since acquired Goosesen product line from Toro, adding industry-leading turf vacuums, verti-cutters, chipper shredders, and straw and debris blowers. 

About Haper Industries 

Harper Industries is all about AGRICULTURE. HYDRAULICS, and TURF. Most of all, they're all about PEOPLE. 

Harper Industries, Inc. is a diverse, values-based manufacturing company building quality products in the fields of agriculture, hydraulics, landscaping, and sports turf management. Harper Industries builds durable, brand name products such as DewEze flatbeds, DewEze hydraulics, and Harper Turf Equipment products. 

Harper Industries purpose is the be the premium, trusted, and preferred provider of products for all the customers and markets they serve. They seek to create a positive placed to work and to improve our communities, both local and global. 

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